A casual, social, and competitive group of gamers based out of North America

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Critical Failure Pub Group

CFGU Groups

Black Dynamite Casual Pub Group

Join this group to be notified of upcoming events like AnnouncerNights, Freak Fortress, PropHunt, WarioWare, PipeBall, Custom Map Nights and more!

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Critical Failure Competitive Group

Red Dynamite Competitive Group

Join Group for notifications of 6 Vs 6 PUGs, Highlander PUGs, and Ultiduo PUGs

*must have a mic and the mumble client for PUGS

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CFGU Admins

Pub Admins

Icarus, Lucario, Mikeandthegames, Link, AtomicKirb, Ferrard, Zephyr, Gantryman

Event Admins

Amat, Jebus, Herpster, Rainbow Dash, Antimatter Pancake

TeamPlay Admins

Havoc, Black Viper, Mine Turtle, Slickback, Dr. Thunderbolt, Tairy Greene, grfnklbnkr, Flail

PUG Admins

Mine Turtle, Tairy Greene, Dr. Thunderbolt, Jebus, Havoc, Tubcal, Pokemon Adventure, Shortbus, crispy

Mumble Admins

Ferrard, Tager, Rainbow Dash

Mumble Server

Comp TF2 Servers

Critical Failure's TeamPlay Tavern || TeamTalk, NoRandomCrits
(Class Restrict, Aggressive Maps)
Critical Failure's Deathmatch Dive - SOAP DM

Vanilla TF2 Servers

Critical Failure's Casual Pub || QuickPlay & Alltalk
Critical Failure's Speakeasy || Alltalk & Some Custom Maps

Specialty Servers

Critical Failure's House of Hale || Freak Fortress 2
Critical Failure's Psychiatic Sanctuary || PropHunt
Critical Failure's Used Camel Emporium || Unique Events